The Perfect Ingredient

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the perfect ingredient

Wellocks are one of the UK's leading food suppliers, catering for kitchens all over the UK. They believe that the best dishes begin with the perfect ingredients.

The company felt that they wanted to reach out to their clients and suppliers and communicate the sheer lengths they go to, to find 'the perfect ingredient'. I was called on to create a communication for the hospitality industry that would be read by both chefs and farmers alike. The new product needed to reflect the brand which I had created for them in both design and tone of voice, there was only one choice for the title and that is of course 'the perfect ingredient' the company's motto and mantle.

The publication proved to be popular with chefs and suppliers, carrying the latest industry news, seasonal food information and of course the latest offers from Wellocks.


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  • Wellocks marketing design

  • Wellocks marketing design

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