About Me

I am a graphic designer who specialises in brand, digital, UX/UI and design for print. I am passionate about design and communications which are simple yet sophisticated user experiences that make my clients proud. I have helped clients all over the UK and worldwide with their brand identities, graphic design, marketing, pr and communications strategies.

I design brand experiences, please see my portfolio for some examples. I have helped clients to sell products and create market exposure for their brands by creating timeless designs that have helped take their businesses to the next level.

I am a lifelong food & drink enthusiast and like to write about, cook it and taste it as much as I can. I enjoy touring all over Europe on my motorcycles with friends, international rugby [when we win] and entertaining family and friends with my experimental cooking!

I also take a great interest in my locality and have been volunteering for a local charity that helps to alleviate loneliness and isolation for older people. I enjoy being part of something that changes peoples lives positively. I visit my little old lady friend every week and we go out for lunch, maybe shopping or just chat about anything and everything. I am in the process of creating a new brand identity [pro bono publico] for Sop and empowering them to use it for the good of the organisation. Please see Sop if you would like more information or to get involved.

Client Recommendations

"I have worked with him for years. He can always be trusted to solve any problem thrown at him. There are not many creatives that you can give a job to and know that the client will be delighted with the end result, Jason is the exception."
Mark Flanders, Director at 2g Marketing Ltd

"I've worked with Jason many times over the years, firstly as my Creative Director and then collaboratively on a range of diverse projects. His experience within the industry, finely tuned creative vision, and the ability to continuously deliver award winning work never fails to impress me."
Andrew Brooke, Director of Strategy, Planning & Customer Experience


A small selection of clients both old and new. Please get in touch if you would like to know about any experience I have relative to your company or project.